Philippe Meilleur

Philippe Meilleur, President

For nearly 20 years, Philippe Meilleur developed cutting-edge expertise in the creation and development of affordable sports equipment for hockey, golf and recreational activities. His experience in the sports sector allowed him to develop different values such as team spirit, the quest for personal excellence and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

A graduate of the Université de Sherbrooke, Philippe developed and efficiently managed many product sourcing and manufacturing strategies. He is an expert in the planning and control of manufacturing costs. Through the years, he built up an international network of professional and reliable partners which he now taps into for the benefit of the company.

Philippe is known for his leadership and interpersonal skills, which make him a unifier—undeniable assets for taking on business challenges.

On numerous occasions, he dynamically demonstrated his ability to deliver products that meet the highest quality standards, arrive on time and are economically priced.


Robert Fortier

Robert Fortier, Vice President

Robert Fortier was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Dental Service for 20 years. He retired with the prestigious title of Lieutenant Colonel, a senior officer rank, which involved handling many command responsibilities. His first-rate services provided a full range of treatments which contributed to the operational readiness of the Forces, in addition to ensuring other capabilities serving Canada’s national interests.

Over the years, Robert also taught at Dalhousie University. He provided clinical training and gave many practical and academic courses throughout Quebec. He was the president of the Canadian Academy of Periodontology.

Discipline, adaptability and leadership are the essential qualities that Robert developed during his military career. He brings strong business acumen, which he acquired through the many managerial duties he was tasked with during his career.

Today, his entrepreneurial philosophy is based on maintaining a balance between profitability, innovation and the desire to meet the needs of the market as efficiently as possible.